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Why we have such a strong passion for Holistic Care.

“Holistic” derives from the Greek word “holos” meaning “whole”. Here at Mile High Holistics we believe that by providing integrated health solutions that treat the whole body and not just isolated symptoms, we can create a path to optimal health for our clients. Holistic Care is an attitudinal approach to wellness that combines the five aspects of physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual development. We tailor each treatment to the individual needs of each client and their health and personal goals.

Kate Whalen, our owner, and founder, has been in the healing practice since a very young age and was able to not only recognize her own talents but also seek out and foster those abilities in others. She has meticulously gathered a team of healers and practitioners that share her vision and mission to offer a full spectrum of comprehensive services that provide relief and healing for people in all stages of life. We provide an inclusive, sacred, client centric environment that encourages relaxation, guidance, and wellbeing. From Body Work and Energy Work, to Skincare, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Reflexology and CranioSacral Therapy. Our team members each bring their own specialties and devotion to the many facets of Whole-Body Healing. Each of our staff is gifted with many modalities to help our clients achieve their health and healing needs and goals. We invite you to let us help you on your own path to integrated wellness.


  • Professional Athletes & Dancers

  • People Suffering from Chronic Pain

  • Specific Injuries and Traumas

  • Medical Referrals

  • Relaxation

  • YOU

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