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Ear Seeding:

  1. Stress reduction

  2. Pain management

  3. Improved sleep quality

  4. Enhanced relaxation

  5. Reduction in anxiety and depression symptoms

  6. Support for smoking cessation

  7. Relief from headaches and migraines

  8. Digestive support and management of gastrointestinal issues

  9. Assistance with weight loss goals

  10. Hormonal balance and menstrual symptom relief

Foot Detox:

  1. Improved circulation

  2. Relaxation and stress reduction

  3. Toxin elimination from the body

  4. Enhanced immune system function

  5. Relief from chronic pain, such as arthritis or muscle soreness

  6. Reduction in swelling and inflammation

  7. Balancing of pH levels in the body

  8. Support for liver and kidney function

  9. Skin purification and improvement in complexion

  10. Boost in energy levels and vitality

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